Dirty Talk Lines

August 19, 2009

Dirty Talk Phrases

If you learn dirty talk lines with descriptive language you’ll discover how to talk dirty to your man the way he wants. By talking filthy with descriptive language you can inject vivid sexual images in his mind right away that both captivate his imagination, as well as force his attention to be on you.

And that is precisely what he is hunting for.

Your man wants you to use dirty talk lines on him as it triggers a mental flick in his mind which he’ll associate with the physical pleasure he’s receiving, be it from you or from masturbation. Think about your dirty talk lines as being small nuggets of fantasy gold that you’re able to drop in his mind. Basically, your grimy talk sparks a mental picture that in turn sends a jolt of sexual energy up his backbone – bringing him one step closer towards orgasm.

Dirty talk aside, descriptive language starts with adjectives. Just as you would describe an every-day situation, you use adjectives to add images to the tale you’re telling.

The more adjectives you use, the more descriptive the story becomes.

for example, consider the following story :

‘I was strolling down a road and saw a dog.’

Pretty dull right?

Now, let’s chuck in a pair well placed adjectives :

‘I was slowly walking down a dark road and saw a gigantic dog’

simply by adding a couple adjectives you are given a clearer image of what exactly occurred. Let’s try this again with a pair more adjectives.

‘I was slowly walking down a long, dark road and saw a huge, shaggy dog’

two more adjectives and you get the entire picture.

This happens as the adjectives complete the images in your brain for you, instead of leaving you making a guess. Adjectives trigger the imagination, and the more that you use, the more vivid the images becomes.

Now, when using dirty talk lines with adjectives, talk mucky with words that both you are ok with and that your man will translate as sexual. Learn how to talk soiled with adjectives ( such as gigantic, hard, hot, wet, tight, deeper, harder, faster, longer for example. ) as well as verbs ( like suck, lick, eat, taste for example. ) and also ‘action’ verbs ( like pulsing, aching, pulsing etc ) well, you get the picture.

If you find out how to use dirty talk lines with descriptive language you can come to bed prepared and have much more confidence with your filthy talk. Not only will your man appreciate your dirty talk lines more when you discover how to talk filthy the way he wants, but you’ll have much more fun talking soiled to your man!

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